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for Campsites
Hotels, B&B

If you are a hotel, motel or B&B owner, we can create board games for your guests. With our team there are endless creative possibilities.

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for Individual

If you love board games, we have a fantastic collection of very unique and amazing t-shirt board games which are waiting for you.

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for Campervan &
Motorhome Rentals

If you are an owner of a campervan, motorhome or caravan rental company/service, know that we can create custom board games for your clients.

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T-shirt Board Games
and counting…


Universal Online Cards
for board games


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Board Games

Our board games on T-shirts are unique and intriguing. These are games that you can take with you anywhere and have a lot of fun with your family or friends. We have designed them for you. They are immersive and creative. You will not be bored with them. Well thought out, they contain many interesting elements of logical-strategic thinking. Our t-shirt games develop and stimulate the imagination and emotional intelligence. They allow you to enrich your vocabulary and learn English. They teach pronunciation. They support development and perception in a comprehensive way. And what’s interesting, you can not only play on them, but you can also wear them like a traditional T-shirt. Is this not interesting?

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Universal Online
Game Cards

We offer universal game cards that will educate and make you laugh. They bring lots of fun and joy to all players. Some cards are really cool, some more serious, some will wake up a feeling like a new person in you, some will bring nice memories and much more…
They are perfectly designed for our T-SHIRT BOARDS…

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Board Games

We are creative souls that’s why we brought to you this new and cool feature called personalization. Each board may contain your name or few names, special drawing, pictogram, logotype, quote (your favourite sentence) and more…

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Prevents Boredom

We guarantee that our games will prevent boredom. They are great for constructive thinking and most important fun that may last for hours.

Personal Interaction

Interaction between players during the game will definitely bring family members and friends even closer.

Non-stop Excitement

Many different emotions will accompany you during the game with additional online playing cards. It's fun and may be educational.


Personalisation of each game is always possible. It will make your game even more interesting, possibilities are endless.

Great for Travel

T-shirt games are ideal when you travel with family and friends. Different tasks will make you smile and definitely get you busy.

Always updated

New and updated version of games and playing cards are always available. This is a great option when you like to play different games.

Unique Games

Very unique and one of its kind board games for the whole family. Everyone will find something interesting and worth the time.

Perfect for gifts

If you are looking for a gift, look no more, Our t-shirt board games are the perfect gift, that keeps on giving new experience, fun, education and more.

Interesting and very educational

One of the best board games for families and friends. Spectacular online cards with endless possibilities. Lots of fun and more...

Sarah Johnson, US

Great time, lots of laughs

I bought this as a gift for my girls after we went to a cafe that had games to play. We had a great time, lots of laughs and it was fun.

Robert Jackson, NZ