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Dedicated board games
for campsites and hotels

If you run an educational institution such as a school, a kindergarten or any tourist type of hotel, campsite, know that we can create for you, board games on T-shirts that you can offer for children or guests. Enhance your educational and tourist offer. We offer you a very interesting solution for board games printed on T-shirts with access to online game cards. Pretty innovative.


All guests who choose campsites or hotels know that when the weather is nice and the sun is shining, you can spend all your time in the bosom of nature, explore the area, organize interesting trips depending on the place of our accommodation. But what to do when cloudy and wet days come, and there are guests with children at the campsite or in a small hotel room? And here come the immortal board games that are not ordinary games. It is a perfect idea for boredom and more. There is nothing better than having fun together, spending time together when playing board games. That is why we offer you a very interesting solution, namely the offer of board games for your guests.

Interesting offer
for your guests

You can offer your guests access to games for free or for a fee that will suit you best, depending on your idea and commitment. Thus, there is also the possibility of additional income on lending games for hotel or camping guests. This is just a hint from our side.

We have created a product that will allow you to expand your offer for guests. Having our board games in your offer with access to online cards, you have an amazing tool that will help your guests, especially those with children, to survive boredom, rainy days and more.

Valuable games
without age restrictions

The game is great for the whole family, it will also allow you to make new friends, break the ice, or enrich your knowledge about the area you visit, as well as the world in which we live. Games and cards are very carefully prepared in terms of not only content, they teach, generate fun, solve puzzles, educate and even teach strategies.

Together with t-shirt games, we offer access to online cards, which are grouped thematically in several categories. Thanks to them, the game is enriched and gives a lot of joy, you can have good time and learn something. These are developmental and educational elements, not only for children but also for adults. We have prepared cards so that they are valuable to everyone, regardless of age.

Easy admin panel
and support

As a manager of a campsite or a hotel, you have access to the administrative panel, where you can manage access for guests. We offer card access for up to 24 guests at the same time. The maximum access period for one guest from first activation is 14 days. You will receive special sets of shirt games from us. The game introduction and activation of guest card access takes only a few seconds.

Interesting and
unique solution

And most importantly, our t-shirt board games are indestructible unlike the traditional board games, why? Because they are printed on T-shirts, which can be easily cleaned, washed and ironed, so that everyone can enjoy them and use them again. Access to online cards is 24 hours a day, so it does not matter who and when wants to play. Of course, the cards are an addition to the game, in some games you can even play without using cards. We took care of everything, even when your dices get lost or you simply don’t own them. Each guest that has access to cards also has access to digital dices. Is’n this great?

t-shirt board games
and online cards

We also offer personalization of games, we create board games and cards especially for you. These are dedicated games and cards. In addition, you have the ability to create and input your own cards for your guests as a manager. The possibilities are really limitless. On dedicated cards, you can input valuable information about the area, special places to visit, or services that your guests can use. Creating your own playing cards can also be very engaging, where your creativity knows no limits. We may help you and suggest on how to prepare your own cards in an interesting way.

We care about
our business

If you are interested, please contact us. We are a family company and we care for all our clients in a family and warm way. We answer all questions in person, we advise, we are very easy to contact, because we are constantly developing and adding a range of games and cards in our offer. We strive to make our offer very attractive to your business so your guests are very satisfied.

We welcome you
to cooperate

We currently cooperate with dozens of hotels and campsites that already offer our t-shirt games to their guests, in various parts of the world. Our games have been translated into several languages. Thus, the family of players is growing from month to month. Join our global player family today and share your t-shirt games with your guests. Become our business partner and we will take care of you and your valuable guests.

We cordially invite you to cooperation.
We guarantee high quality services and products.

Creative Team
Anetta, Artur


Interesting and very educational

One of the best board games for families and friends. Spectacular online cards with endless possibilities. Lots of fun and more...

Sarah Johnson, US

Great time, lots of laughs

I bought this as a gift for my girls after we went to a cafe that had games to play. We had a great time, lots of laughs and it was fun.

Robert Jackson, NZ